Continuing a Legacy

Over 40 Years in the Making

While Old Cider Mill Farm is less than 5 years old it is the continuation of a legacy that is more than 40 years strong.

Our story began on a humble two-acre orchard in Noblesville, IN, where Papaw and Mamaw Hughes nurtured not just apple trees but also a legacy of hard work, family togetherness, and simple joys. Every autumn, the orchard would come alive with the laughter of grandchildren, climbing and shaking the trees to harvest the ripest apples. The highlight of the season was making apple cider on an antique press, a tradition that blended the sweet taste of apples with cherished family memories.

Papaw and Mamaw Hughes instilled in us a deep respect for the land and a love for the process of growing and harvesting our own fruit. Their dedication and passion for farming were not just about producing apples; it was about creating a space where family bonds were strengthened, and the values of patience, perseverance, and pride in one’s work were passed down to the next generation.

As time went on, the orchard in Noblesville became more than just a place; it became a symbol of our family’s heritage. Inspired by Papaw and Mamaw’s vision, the next generation took a bold step to expand this legacy. We moved to a larger property in Reelsville, IN, where the tradition of apple farming continues to flourish.

A New Chapter

In Reelsville, we planted a new orchard, carrying forward the practices and principles learned from our grandparents. This new chapter has allowed us to grow apples, blackberries, poultry and our dreams. We’ve embraced sustainable farming techniques, diversified our crops, and expanded our offerings to include fresh produce, homemade goods, and events

Our farm is a to the enduring spirit of Papaw and Mamaw Hughes. It’s a place where the past and present merge, where each apple harvested tells a story of love, labor, and legacy. We invite you to be part of our journey, to share in the fruits of our labor, and to experience the timeless traditions that have made our farm a cherished family treasure.